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Dec. 23rd, 2015 02:22 pm
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Should it be wonky he gets sucked into that episode's little pocket dimension, or wonky that she gets pulled out of her normal timeline and ends up crossing her own time stream and becoming a passenger on herself with an earlier regeneration of her Doctor?

I'm thinking pulling Sexy into 10's timeline, in case we want to tie into a bigger plot. Perhaps she even did it on purpose? It got all gamm'd up and she had to pop into the past to fix the future?

He'll be equal parts thrilled and worried about her pulling herself out of her proper time stream, but it isn't the first time someone's met themselves, and if anyone can manage it, it's his beautiful box. He might be a little awkward, too, because his TARDIS is a woman. He's got his TARDIS on his TARDIS, and she's pretty.

And now there's a string of issues they have to fix in order to set her right?

What's messed up the time stream so badly that the TARDIS felt the need to endanger time and space to try and fix it?

I guess two main points from the episode are a) she's a few centuries older than Ten by this point, so she hasn't seen this incarnation in quite a while. also b) her human body was failing. I would say that maybe her human body stabilized when the timeline went wonk, kind of a 'frozen in time' type of deal? What if she was like a moving fixed point?

Oooh, that's interesting, playing her as a fixed point. Would she be like Jack and kind of repel him? Or would they be exempt from that somehow? Maybe because she already exists in all time? And is she just going to pop up on the TARDIS Donna style, or with less accuracy will she just show up somewhere in the vicinity of the Doctor and have to find him? And what kind of evil villainy is going down that messed up her time stream? Is someone ripping a hole in the fabric of reality again? Some sort of reality sucking weapon of mass destruction? maybe it's powered by aborted timelines - people dying before they're meant to, events never taking place. Kind of like how that god thing in Rings of Akhaten ended up living off potential stories. It ends a timeline and is powered by the infinite possibilities of what could have come? Then has the power to tear holes in reality? Or alter it? Maybe the person/people who have it are trying to alter reality and are attacking the Doctor almost first (a few test subjects beforehand) because he's on of the only people in the universe with a real shot at stopping them?

Maybe the opposite? Because the Doctor and the TARDIS are linked so inextricably? I guess it depends on where you want to pull the Doctor from? Maybe they aim it at the Doctor/Sexy because they live for so long, so their infinities are enough to feed it for a long time. And they try to end Sexy in her timeline, but because you can't just end a being so infused with time and space (the reason House put her in a human body in the first place, because he couldn't just delete her matrix), they had to plop her in another timeline/timestream?


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